We do take Consignment Items such as Clothing,Boots ,Tack and Saddles. Items must be Next to New, Cleaned and Clothing Odor Free.
​Older Saddles Accepted but must be usable.
Please take into consideration the time of year when bringing in items. Winter clothing and shoes do not sell in the summer months and vice versa.

We also take in Consignment items from Western Store's.

​​2.The consignment split is 50/50 of the selling price on all items { excluding saddles }

Saddle Consignment
Great way to sell your saddles without the hassle of email questions and tire  kickers. We have many customers on the hunt for used saddles. Most buyers that go into tack stores are serious about buying a saddle.

​​​​ ​​Interested? Here are the details:
Our consignment fee is 20% for saddles that sell for over $500.
Our consignment fee is 25% for saddles that sell for under $500

​​If your saddle is listed for under $500, you may also opt to receive your payment on a Store Credit, with only a 15% consignment fee. If you choose the Store Credit option, you CANNOT receive any portion of the sale amount in cash or by check at any point. The balance will remain on credit until spent. The store credit option is only available for saddles consigned at $500 or less.

​​Other Considerations

Detailing: The cleaner your saddle is, the faster we can sell it, and the detail will often increase the value of your saddle!

If you don't have the time we can detail your saddle for you for a fee of $40.00

Please read our policy details before considering Consigning with us

• We will perform a complete safety and integrity check of your saddle, to be certain that there are no safety issues, defects, twists or breaks in the tree, billets, etc.
• In the event that your saddle has a problem that can be fixed to make it usable again, we will call you to find out if you would like to have it repaired. If you do not wish to have the repair done, if the tree is broken or if the saddle is unsafe and cannot be repaired, the saddle will be returned to you at your expense.
• We will evaluate the style, model, condition and current approximate market value of your saddle.
• We will contact you with a recommended price based on market value, and your minimum selling price before fee.
• The minimum selling price before fee may or may not be able to be met based on the condition of the saddle and current market value.
• If we agree with your minimum selling price before fee, there will be no need to contact you and we will just put your saddle out for sale.
• We feel strongly that we know the price your saddle should sell at and want to get you the best possible price for your saddle. We do not encourage customers to present offers on saddles, but do allow them to make offers close to the original price on saddles they are definitely ready to purchase. Please inform us if you as to if you would like to accept offers by checking Lowest Price I am willing to Take or if you would like to remain firm with your pricing.
• By agreeing to the Lowest Price I am willing to Take, you are authorizing Sam’s Western Outlet to automatically accept an offer for your saddle without contacting you. Also, if you choose this option, we will be able to feature your saddle in specials and sales to increase the likelihood of a quicker sale. If you decide to be firm with your pricing, we will not accept any offers on your saddle, nor will we call you with any offers
• Your saddle will be allowed to go out on 5 day trials like all of our used saddles. We take the following precautions to make sure your saddle is secure whenever it leaves the building at all times:
• All trials are conducted with full credit card authorizations  
• Saddles are routinely inspected for wear and damage after trials.
• Be aware that despite precautions, it is highly likely that your saddle will accrue some wear from trials.
Due to the cost and time it takes us to post your saddle for you, Saddles brought to Sam’s Western Outlet on consignment. We ask you give us the time to sell your saddle. Please do not post your saddles for Sale anywhere else. Please remove any postings you may have had before bringing us your saddle. By signing these policies you are consigning your Saddle with Sam’s Western Outlet for a period of 30 days. If you choose to remove your saddle before the 30 days ,there will be a $50.00 fee.
​Theft and Liability
While we will do our best to safeguard your items, Sam’s Western Outlet and their owners assumes no liability for stolen or damaged item(s).Please ensure your items are covered under your insurance policy.

Thank you for Trusting us to Sell your saddle. We will do everything we can to make this happen.
Sam’s Western Outlet



Just an Update on Our Consignment Clothing Items. Due to time , and over stock of Items coming in. We will no longer be returning items that do not sell. Any Items brought in that are deemed too old or out of style will all be Donated Right away.

All Items Left​​ more than 60 days will be placed on sale if these items do not sell they will be Donated as well.

Sam's Western Outlet reserves the right to price the items as we see fit to ensure​​ a sale on the items.

This does not apply to Saddle ,Tack or Boots​​

If you would like your items back that we do not accept. Please book an appointment and we will go through the items​​​​ with you