We do take Consignment Items such as Clothing,Boots ,Tack and Saddles. Items must be Next to New, Cleaned and Clothing Odor Free.
​Older Saddles Accepted but must be usable.
Please take into consideration the time of year when bringing in items. Winter clothing and shoes do not sell in the summer months and vice versa.

We also take in Consignment items from Western Store's.

Just an Update on Our Consignment Clothing Items. Due to time , and over stock of Items coming in. We will no longer be returning items that do not sell. Any Items brought in that are deemed too old or out of style will all be Donated Right away.

All Items Left​​ more than 60 days will be placed on sale if these items do not sell they will be Donated as well.

Sam's Western Outlet reserves the right to price the items as we see fit to ensure​​ a sale on the items.

This does not apply to Saddle ,Tack or Boots​​

If you would like your items back that we do not accept. Please book an appointment and we will go through the items​​​​ with you