We Consign Saddles

Great way to sell your saddles without the hassle of email questions and tire kickers. We have many customers on the hunt for used saddles. Most buyers that go into tack stores are serious about buying a saddle.

​​​​ ​​Interested? Here are the details:
Our consignment fee is 20% for saddles that sell for over $500.
Our consignment fee is 25% for saddles that sell for under $500

​​If your saddle is listed for under $500, you may also opt to receive your payment on a Store Credit, with only a 15% consignment fee. If you choose the Store Credit option, you CANNOT receive any portion of the sale amount in cash or by check at any point. The balance will remain on credit until spent. The store credit option is only available for saddles consigned at $500 or less.

​​Other Considerations

Detailing: The cleaner your saddle is, the faster we can sell it, and the detail will often increase the value of your saddle!

If you don't have the time we can detail your saddle for you for a fee of $40.00