SeaBuck is the first seabuckthorn based all-natural equine health and performance product for all classes and breeds of horses. The seabuckthorn plant provides many benefits - all working synergistically to enhance performance, to help promote gastric health and healthy digestion, to support reproduction function, to maintain the health of coats, to help keep horses in peak condition and to help maintain joint mobility. The natural proprietary blend also provides beneficial anti-oxidants, supports healthy joints and flexibility and helps keep your horse calm and relaxed.

Show Shine
■Produces the finest show-ring shine
■Coats hair shaft for tangle-free manes and tails
     Original M-T-G
Original M-T-G has been providing quick and effective relief from numerous skin ailments since 1938! Originally formulated for humans, this safe and easy to use product is the only one needed for relief from a variety of bacterial and fungal skin problems, such as : • Rain Rot • Scratches
 32 oz 
​  8  oz
B.E.L.L. Drops
An aid to combat fatigue and/or colic. For adult horses. Dose by drops. No drenching

A water based, non-toxic polish for that super show shine. Safe for both horse and rider. Wears off naturally, no harsh chemicals needed for removal. Packaged with a dauber cap for easy application.

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Organi Guard ~ Organic Fly Spray
Safe for Horse,Mares and Foals
This Stuff Really Works!!
Fiske's Products

One product treats all problems
Hoof Care ~ Skin Disease Care ~ Wound Care ~ Muscle Care ~ Insect Repellant Grooming ~ Rider Products
Anti – Fungal ~ Anti-inflammatory ~ Anti- Bacterial ~ Anti- Septic

Treats mud fever, scald, scratches, ring worm, mange, rain rot, itchy tail, sweet itch, dandruff and MORE - quickly and easily.

Generally mild Thrush is an infection that is easy to treat. However if the factors that cause it (infected stalls, poor hoof keeping, etc) are not corrected, the infection will likely return. Once the black necrotic (dead) tissue has been removed and the frog, cleft and sulcus (the grooves on either side of the frog) of the hoof has been cleaned, you can apply "Thrush Off". Brush the product deep into the frog and affected areas with a toothbrush. Unlike other products, "Thrush Off" does not burn sensitive or live tissue such as the coronet band or an open wound. Unlike other products, "Thrush Off" heals open wound tissue. Unlike other products, "Thrush Off" kills Thrush on contact. Unlike other products, "Thrush Off" is Natural and Non Toxic
COWBOY MAGIC® Detangler™ and Shine detangles all types of hair knots, tangles and dreadlocks instantly, no matter how difficult hair is to manage. The silk protein in COWBOY MAGIC® Detangler™ and Shine results in a high reflecting shine after brushing
COWBOY MAGIC® Super Bodyshine® is formulated to give hair a super shine. Helps repel show ring dust and dries fast. COWBOY MAGIC® Super Bodyshine® is concentrated and ready to use. Formulated from nature's natural ingredients just spray it on and stand back and prepare to smile. COWBOY MAGIC® Super Bodyshine® dries fast and reflects a full spectrum of light resulting in a maximum body shine under sun or show ring lights. 32oz
Mane 'n Tail Detangler 900ml
Tag Cement