Solid Stretch Hoods
Mane tamer by Sleazy Sleepwear for Horses.™ The Sleazy Stretch Hood, made from nylon or polyester spandex, is Sleazy Sleepwear for Horses'™ #1 selling item. It helps to train the mane, keeps the mane and forelock clean, smoothes the body hair and works great as a liner under heavier garments. The “Seamless Face” design eliminates any seams below the eyes for maximum safety.
With Zipper

Bell Boots
Sport Boot
Solid Shoulder Guard

Help protect your horse's shoulders against blanket rub by using a Sleazy Sleepwear for Horses™ Shoulder Guard. It also provides additional warmth for the shoulders. The neck opening is enhanced inside with a fleece band, and the neck opening is made adjustable with velcro tabs. The shoulder guards are made from nylon or polyester spandex

The 1200D is waterproof and breathable. Blanket is constructed of 1200 denier outer shell with 210 denier inner shell with nylon bound edges.Blanket comes with 300 gram polyester filler and is contoured to give your horse the perfect fit. Blanket comes standard open front with shoulder gusset, front surcingle and leg straps.
Saddle Barn Latigo skid boots with skirting leather cup. 1/8" vinyl foam lining and 1" elastic connectors. Nickel plated hardware.
Polo Wraps
Fly Sheet with Belly Wrap
Full Fly Sheet with neck and belly band
•1680 Denier Outer Shell
•70 Denier Rip Stop Liner
•400 Gram Polyester Filler
•Water Proof and Breathable
•Fleece Whither Protection
•Contoured to give your horse the perfect fit
•Sholder Gusset, Tail Cover
•Standard Open Front with Double Buckle Closure
•Two Surcingle Belly and Leg Strap
Blue Only​
This form fitting hood is constructed of Lycra® and features a short zipper from chin down to chest. Elastic stretches between front legs with a nylon strap. Secures with a 2" plastic buckle. No center seam helps give a sculpted look. Keeps braids and banding clean and neat.
​Small: 300-600lbs
Medium: 600-900lbs
Large: 900-1200lbs
XL: 1200-1500lbs